Mailbox Compose Addresses Options Help
Account preferences Folders
Change your full name, password, default screen size, display style, time zone, default character set, backup email address, spam and virus protection and help options Add, delete and rename mail folders
Pop Links Signatures
Configure external POP and HotMail servers to retrieve email from into your FastMail account Configure signatures that can be appended to emails you send
Define rules Aliases
Define custom rules to reject, file into a folder or forward arriving emails. Optionally set up a vacation message Create additional email addresses that direct email into your account. You can either choose from the FastMail domains, or your own privately registered domains
Status Resource Usage
Display current service level, service period, account pool balance and payments history Display current bandwidth usage, bandwidth allowance, and last months bandwidth usage. Also display mailbox quota, quota usage, and quota usage by each folder
Upgrade Rename/Consolidate
Upgrade your account to a "Member", "Full" or "Enhanced" service level to access more features and gain additional storage and bandwidth quotas After an upgrade, rename your account to a shorter name, or consolidate existing accounts into one single account
Add Funds Cancel Account
Use a credit card to add funds to your account pool so you can buy additional resources, more aliases, gift certificates, etc Permanently cancel your FastMail account (you'll be asked for your password to confirm)
Purchase Mailbox Space Purchase Bandwidth
Purchase additional disk space to store your emails Purchase additional bandwidth so you can continue to receive and send emails if you go over your monthly service level quota
Purchase Gift Certificate Purchase Aliases
Purchase a gift certificate to send to another FastMail user Purchase additional aliases or personal domains
Home Domain
Change your "home domain" if you signed up before you had to choose
Poll for new email Upload addresses
Open up a new small window which updates every 5-60 minutes to tell you if new email has arrived. (Note: when opened, just close this window, DON'T logout) Upload addresses from a number of different formats to your address book
Migrate IMAP
Migrate emails from another IMAP server to your FastMail account. (Note: This is designed as a one-time only action, it is not a regular synchronisation feature)
Tip: You can save your password in a cookie so you are automatically logged into FastMail (more information)

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