File Storage Access
You can use this screen to map web-addresses/URLs (eg http://username.domain.tld) to your file storage space. Each mapped URL can specify different access control permissions as well.
Web-address/URL Target Active Password Access Del Del Del Del
Items : 1-4

Create new web-address/URL
You can map arbitrary web-addresses/URLs under your username, aliases and virtual domains to any directory in your file storage. For example:
  http://username.domain.tld -> /public


-> /otherfolder
  http://virtualdomain.tld/ -> /virtualfolder

You can specify whether the access if public or password protected, and whether or not to generate a directory listing or photo gallery listing.

Web-address/URL: http://./ Enter the hostname and web-address path you want to map to your file storage
Target Enter the file storage directory the web-address should map to. Note that all sub-directories will also be mapped as sub-directories of the web-address.
Password Optional: Set a password on the web-address
Access Select the type of access you should like to the web-address to have
Add Add the new web-address/URL

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