FastMail.FM Feature Tour

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Integrate all your accounts and email addresses
Spam/Virus Protection And Email Filtering
FastMail.FM can pull in your email from your other accounts - including your Hotmail account, your work account, etc., and file it in different folders for you! Use whatever email address you like - even use your own domain name!
Our spam protection protects you from nearly all spam, while giving you the control you need. Block the messages you want, and only see the emails you want to see. Viruses are stopped in their tracks by Kaspersky Anti-virus
Be more productive with your email
Instantly see all your messages wherever you are
Every element of FastMail.FM's interface is designed to make you more productive - unlike the other guys who just want you to read more ads! We get more done with less clicks, with a carefully thought-out interface tuned over many years of use.
You can access FastMail.FM with any software you like: Outlook, Netscape, your web browser, etc. Wherever you are, whatever software you use, you'll see the same folders and messages, automatically synchronised everywhere you go. And you get notified of messages instantly, even when you're at work, or on your mobile phone.
Reliable email, with help when you need it
Have fun!
FastMail.FM's infrastructure is incredibly resilient - multiple servers around the world and enterprise-class monitoring systems ensure that uptime is maximised. FastMail.FM support staff and help from other users is available anytime you need it.
You can tweak your FastMail.FM to look however you want it, by selecting from one of the many skins, or even creating your own!
Why not try FastMail.FM out now for free? Click here to sign up - it only takes 2 minutes!